Charlottesville Bound

I’m really excited to be headed down to Charlottesville, VA, this week to visit the University of Virginia Young Writers Workshop.  I was a student in this program many moons ago (my first summer there I was 13 years old), and had the great luck to meet a bunch of kids my age also interested in writing poetry.  Later, I was an instructor in the program.  I’m going to be giving a reading on Thursday night with songwriting instructor, outstanding musician, and former poetry student of mine, Andrew Rose Gregory.  Friday, I’ll get to work with the young writers in the poetry workshops, and co-teach an elective with my dear friend (met her at the workshop years ago), poet and Charlottesville native Ann Hudson.  Friday night, I’ll enjoy seeing The Real Jane Martin (also Workshop-connected) at Maya, and then Saturday I’ll attend the annual workshop banquet.  I haven’t been to Charlottesville in nearly ten years. Wonder how that will feel.

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