NaPoWriMo, Day 2

I promised to write a poem every day. Here is today’s. 

In Lieu of Contributing Otherwise To Humanity This Afternoon, I Image-Google “Space Dolphins”
Here’s one small pod,
angelically blue and fuzzy
with the new-age fuzz of ethereal peace groove,
swim-flying from some ocean somewhere
through a portal of two Doric columns and a frieze
with one of those creepy open eyes carved into it,
which would, earthbound, maybe suggest
the Supreme Court, or the Parthenon — but which, floating in space
with dolphins and beams of water-light swim-flying out of it,
is, I think, supposed to be a portal between
Atlantis and Vega.
Another, professionally framed and priced for sale,
is set in a galactic region crammed full
of Skittle-planets and suns and comet trails,
and three oddly-striped but familiarly blue dolphins,
fly-swimming out of a flaming orange fissure
which brings to mind the Great Labia of Sauron.
Space dolphins are always blue
and baby-smile like regular dolphins,
but can cavort through the vacuum of interstellar space
and probably eat stardust or comet-trails instead of fish.
According to Wikipedia, they are the pals
the interstellar mercenary and bounty hunter,
“Lobo,” a past-his-prime DC Comics character.
Here’s a pair in super-high earth orbit,
and I assume, due to their Special Magic,
that they must have created the halo of bubbles
surrounding the planet like a ring of Saturn,
and that surely only good
will come of their noses touching –
the glow between their noses
an exact match for the finger-to-finger,
God-to-Adam, Sistine Chapel Spark of Life.
And here are six of them, computer-generated,
shiny as chrome, gracefully pausing before
they swim themselves directly into the blazing red giant
because they’d rather be dead
than spend one more minute
being space dolphins.

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