NaPoWriMo — Monday, April 12

Here’s a new one built from journal-scraps from an in-class exercise.  It was in first person. Now it’s in 3rd. I might change it back. Second person?  Dunno.  Enjoy!

Fancypants Cocktail
She’d never been to such a swanky club before,
and was flattered by the crisp attention
of the bartenders. The drink menu was printed
on a kind of papyrus, and each beverage
had a perfect name: Jenny’s Golden Dew,
The Foghorn, The Cloudy Peach.
She knew she shouldn’t ask for her usual,
so she spoke the most elegant sounding moniker:
“Alabaster Lil,” and it was like she’d uttered
aloud the name of a secret lover.
It might taste like the end of prohibition,
or maybe like eleven ballerinas
doing elegant gymnastics.
The place was filled to the rafters
with shine and style, and she wished
for less scruff and more polish.
For the moments it took for the barkeep
to cook up her drink, she believed
it could Wonderland her like Alice,
get her through doors, to the right parties.
The drink itself was rotten but beneath
the pressed linen gazes of her fellow patrons,
she swallowed it; in spite of her best wishes,
it wouldn’t swallow her.

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