NaPoWriMo Day #26

I’ve got some serious poetry-writin’ to get done by end of business on Friday.

Things To Do Instead of Writing 2 Poems This Weekend
Watch episodes of “Rescue Me” on Netflix instant watch
Eat a lot of four-cheese crackers
Rake a little bit
Discuss visiting Washington, D.C. to see the Smithsonian
Write a letter
Watch X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Buy a six-pack of pansies
Work on the grocery list for next week
Make excuses
Bake cookies
Go to the Free Library to check out the Kill-A-Watt
Buy a potted rosemary plant
Marinate and grill and eat vegetables
Fret over things you can’t control
Observe chipmunks
Drink coffee
Worry that you have a distorted sense of what you can and can’t control
Solve for x
Read a stack of student poems
Drink coffee
Think about the poems you should be writing
Fool around
Consume a gigantic breakfast at the new diner
Talk about how you’ve been thinking you need to write a couple of poems this weekend
Put the rake away
Practice calling yourself a poet with a straight face

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