Already into June…

And I know that suddenly, it will be JULY.  Which will be terrific, because I am going to be at the Vermont Studio Center for that entire month, working on writing.  I had hoped to have a more specific writing agenda in play by now, but it hasn’t happened yet.  I got good work done during a month at the Jentel Artist Residency Program (in Wyoming), but there were only six of us there — four visual artists and two writers.  At VSC, there will be around fifty folks, the great majority of them visual artists (and thereby ENDLESSLY fascinating to me…), so I think the tone will be very different from that glorious, stark, motivating isolation of wintry cattle country.  I have heard great things about VSC from writers and artists who have worked there, so I’m looking forward to whatever goes down there.  But I hope to arrive with some more solid plans in place.  I’ll probably work on revising some stuff from April’s NAPOWRIMO challenge, and have the same old runaround with my THREE poetry (!!) manuscripts that I’ve perpetually had.  Maybe write some more space program poems?  We shall see. We shall see.  Maybe I’ll resolve (a la NAPOWRIMO) to regularly contribute to this blog (daily??) with updates about what I’m doing.  Because, I know you’d love that.  Even though “you” are almost entirely theoretical.  That’s not your fault.

2 thoughts on “Already into June…”

  1. Yes, more space program poems! Now is the time, what with the shuttle program winding down…

    (And I, of course, find being implicated in the vast “you” that is almost entirely theoretical to be not only acceptable, but exciting!)

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