5 thoughts on “i am a delicate flower”

  1. Hm, when I put my cursor over the link, it takes me to IMDB’s entry for “Impromptu,” a film about Chopin. Is this just me?

    Poor Liz. 😦

    1. Oops. Got the horrible video on the ‘suffering’ link and Impromptu on the stupid bridge link. Interesting.

      I would go mad listening to this all day.

  2. I think my reference may have been too pointy-headed — I couldn’t find a YouTube link, so I just linked the film. Remember when Emma Thompson’s character, frustrated because she and the artists she’s invited to her estate are all trapped inside together because of the ceaseless rain, finally cries out, “Stupid, stupid rain!” I love that line so much. I wanted to reference it to make fun of myself for whining (poor me! devoting a month to writing and reading and editing and hanging out with artists) WHILE I was in the middle of whining. Thankfully that jackhammering I filmed didn’t go on for more than an hour at a stretch. And now that it has cooled off, my headphones no longer feel like earmuffs, so I can plug in and tune MOST stuff out. Still, from time to time, I am startled nearly out of my chair by the sudden commencement of some highly percussive (de) construciton activity. Kind of exciting!

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