Best Writing Prompt of the Month?

This is just to say

I flung my used pregnancy test
from the open window
of Cheryl’s LeMans
onto the sidewalk of the bridge
over the Gihon River
across which you probably meant
to walk uninterrupted
from breakfast to your studio
this morning.

Forgive me—
I was so happy
I wasn’t pregnant.

2 thoughts on “Best Writing Prompt of the Month?”

  1. I was interested in the form used for this poem. Most of the lines start with prepositional phrases (i.e., from, of, onto, over, etc.). Is there a specific name for this or is this just a Liz Ahl design?

    I liked the visual writing prompt as well. Such a great metaphor for creativity as well.

    1. Hey Ann — It’s not a particular form, but me (badly) imitating a William Carlos Williams poem. To be honest, I’ve been imitating it (badly, purely for my own and certain others’ amusement) nearly all month. And imitating “The Red Wheel Barrow” as well. But here’s the reference poem:

      This Is Just To Say

      I have eaten
      the plums
      that were in
      the icebox

      and which
      you were probably
      for breakfast

      Forgive me
      they were delicious
      so sweet
      and so cold

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