Last Days at VSC, Miscellany

Visiting Writer Marilyn Hacker gave a stellar reading here on Monday night.  Half a dozen resident writers gave another memorable reading last night — Honoree Fannone Jeffers, Russell Brakefield, Keith Kopka, Jill Leininger, Cynthia Grier, and Margaret Mackinnon. Tonight: open studios.  So many artists here, and so much interesting work happening!  I must confess that I do have a few favorites. Can’t wait to revisit Jee Hwang’s studio — her work has really stuck with me, and even inspired a poem.  Also Klea McKenna, a photographer from San Francisco who spoke so eloquently about her process and projects.  Cai Xi Silver does such a diverse range of projects AND has created all sorts of connections among artists and community through her gallery and teaching.  And Sonam Dolma Brauen, originally from Tibet, then Switzerland, now New York — she worked on these amazing blue canvases while she was here.  My co-queen in Planet Breakfast, Serena Peronne, also does work I find really interesting to look at and think about. Can’t believe tomorrow’s my last day.  Put manuscripts in the mail this morning.  A good note to go out on.

1 thought on “Last Days at VSC, Miscellany”

  1. I think Poetry magazine’s hardline stance is less about what “published” means than what “journals” are. It is easier for them to say “online in ANY form” than to distinguish between your blog, WSJ online or the Huffington Post. Rattle seems to have found its definition of an online journal, and I agree it seems like a fair standard that acknowledges digital as a publishing medium, where “publishing” is a process, not an outcome.

    I am more interested in why poetry — a literary form with such a small economic market — is so particular about publishing something that has already been read. Attracting a readership with the familiar might be what would draw their market up, but then I just ranted through the Broadway in America survey could we please stop performing “42nd St”?

    Your postscript puts its finger on exactly why I stopped being interested in getting published. It seems like a lot of work, when the Internet is *right there*.

    Welcome home Liz – you have been missed. I have stolen the photo of me with the telephone table, even though it has been published previously.

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