Home to NH, VSC Bridge Postscript

A while back I posted a link to a little video I made, to illustrate the distracting noisiness of the bridge work at the Vermont Studio Center.  The night before I left Vermont, the new bridge was formally opened and celebrated, with a parade.  The parade was, basically, a bagpiper, an antique firetruck, and a dog, trailed by, well, whoever was game.  It was very sweet. Later, there was a photo and cake.  Here’s a snippet of the parade…

Back in NH for a week now — and what with school starting so soon, I imagine I’ll go back to more sporadic postings.  But it was fun while it lasted!  Today — picking & freezing six quarts of blueberries, J yardworking like a champ AND going to the dump, and me washing windows/screens.  Now, a little blog updating, and some R&R on the deck before dinner — lemon-mint bulgur risotto with shrimp.  We’ve enjoyed that one before.  Tomorrow, we’re trying a new-to-us grilled chicken recipe with BLUEBERRY SALSA

Ah, look how easily the poetry/art blog becomes the eating/doing chores blog!

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