Villanelles Anthology!

Hi all — here’s the latest on the forthcoming (early 2012) Villanelle anthology, edited by Annie Finch and Marie-Elizabeth Mali. I’m honored to have a poem included among many wonderful classic and contemporary examples of my favorite form. It will be published by the Everyman’s  Library Pocket Poetry Series.  Cool.

Click here to (I hope) read and “like” a note on Facebook! More info will appear there as the publication date gets closer.

UPDATE: October — Got this email today from the editors of the anthology:

Dear Liz,

We’re very sorry to tell you that your wonderful villanelle will not be able to be included in Villanelles.  The editing was extremely tight and we had to cut some poems that we really loved.  Please know that yours was one of the small number that made it into the very last round.  Thank you again for letting us consider it.

Warm wishes, [the editors]

This hasn’t ever happened to me before. I wish I were less disappointed — but I just love the villanelle so much and was so excited to have been included. I’d already given permission to print it, and been told by the publishers that I’d get a gratis copy when it came out. *sigh* Ah well.

1 thought on “Villanelles Anthology!”

  1. I suggested to the editors that they publish the list of chosen poems, to honour the writers. There could also be an on-line supplement. A shame for these to be overlooked completely.

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