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Poems or Poem-like Things

The glorious Grolier’s Poetry Bookshop shall inspire me…

I am thinking about my writing today. No particular New Year’s Resolutions (I am not a fan), but some general resolve, buttressed by the support of a couple of good friends who are also poets AND who know the kinds of shots in the arms to give me.

I have not been writing much poetry at all these last months. This is sort of par for the course, given how much of that energy is devoted (rightly so!) to the students in my creative writing courses. I have mostly made my peace with getting the significant writing and editing done during summer. But I also feel so much better when I am writing at least a little bit.

I had a good run of 750 words, but am not yet ready to climb back on. I don’t need to write that many words every day. I need to make a poem (or poem-like thing) every day. It is already 3:45PM, and I have written neither a poem nor a poem-like thing yet today, but I guess now I have to, otherwise the three people who read this blog will give me what for.

Perhaps / if i break / this post / into / lines?

What keeps you going, poets? Any new tips or tricks other than the tested and true “sit your lazy ass down and write?”

I am pleased that this year will bring some new publications — I’ve got a couple of poems coming out in Measure, one in String Poet, and several in the forthcoming OVS. I will also have two poems in This Assignment is So Gay: LGBTIQ Poets on the Art of Teaching, which you can pre-order HERE!

3 thoughts on “Poems or Poem-like Things”

  1. I’ll leave a comment, toots. Sit your wonderful writing self down and write a damn poem. Let there be water in it and a slice of pecan pie and car exhaust and your sense of humor and a small bit from a previous poem that you started but never finished. That’s all I’ve got! I know what you mean about not writing poems, when the demands of student work comes, but I did fiddle with and write two odd collage poems this break and two blogs, so I feel a little relief…Happy New Year, Liz. xo Sharon

  2. Some days I consider myself lucky to have written 500 words while other days I can’t do anything BUT write. On those days I say good night to the light with tired eyes and a grateful heart—grateful that, for a few brief moments, I was able to step outside myself so that the work could breathe. I don’t have to tell you to keep at it or remind you that you’re great at what you do, because you will and you are.

    Thankfully, there’s always tomorrow. 🙂

  3. I invent pointless incentives, like, “No second cup of coffee until I have written something creative,” or “No gum until…” Results? They vary.

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